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hello there! 

i'm allie, the maker, designer, seller, whatever "-er" you can think of behind Clay Therapy - its a one women shop over here. but, ya know, at the end of the day, i am just a lover of all things ceramics & pottery. the term "clay therapy" resonated with the joy pottery brought to my life - just pure happiness and serenity. i can spend hours throwing and life is totally cool like that.

my clay journey started in high school in the 'burbs of los angeles. then, i moved to orange county for college (UC Irvine, BS in chemistry) and continued to play with clay at the irvine fine arts center. next stop in life took me to further down south to san diego for graduate school (UC San Diego, PhD in chemistry). i worked out of the patios/garages of my apartment and started selling locally and online. did i mention during that time i bought my first wheel and kiln? *happy dance*. in 2022, i am currently working out of a studio space in logan heights, san diego. super excited to see what inspo the new space brings!

my shop has transformed alot over the years, & this is totally evident by the evolving stamps, logos, and designs. i am growing, and so is my work. thank you for being here. every piece is a labor of love & i am beyond thrilled to share my craft with you!